Who We Are

We at CruznGreen set out to combine our passion for our cars with our concern for the environment. To that end, we investigated several "eco friendly" waterless car care products. Our extensive research and testing led us to the Croftgate USA products we represent. Not only are they high performance eco responsible car care products, but their performance is second to none. We strive to conserve water, eliminate contaminated run off, and protect our natural resources while offering the finest car care products in the world.

What We Do

Who likes to cruise in a dirty ride? No one. But let's face it, it's a lot of work and takes a lot of time to clean AND detail a vehicle the conventional way. And who knew what it actually does to our vehicle's finish and how it impacts our environment? Imagine being able to clean and detail your ride, give it better protection and a deeper shine while being environmentally responsible in minutes instead of hours. What could you do with all of your extra time? Would you rather be cruising or cleaning? We make all of this possible by providing you with the finest HIGH PERFORMANCE ECO-RESPONSIBLE WATERLESS CAR CARE PRODUCTS.



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Where does your water go?

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  • Cleaning solutions and other contaminants from conventional driveway washing, run into storm drains which directly empty into surface water supplies, such as streams, rivers and lakes
  • Cleaning solutions from conventional washing, also seep into ground water supply, causing potential contamination of ground water supply
  • Potentially contaminated ground water is pumped to public water supplies for everyday use and consumption




More than 800 millions of gallons of water are wasted every day to wash cars in the US . It represents the equivalent of 10 billion glasses of fresh water wasted every day!


Plus, home car washing generates waste from oil, grease and other polluting metals. Most people who wash their cars at home don't realize where the contaminated water goes. Home car washing releases contaminated water directly into the environment or into storm drains intended for rainwater, causing pollution in rivers, lakes and streams.


Water rationing and restrictions on car washing may soon be in the offing. Some municipalities have banned home car wash with a hose, with citations and possible imprisonment for violators.

Reduce Our Pollution

A National Geographic article states that "A single drop of oil can pollute 1,000 gallons of water, so just imagine how much water you could potentially be polluting if you decide to hose down your car in a driveway creating only a tiny "oil slick". Then think about all the water you're using: A standard garden hose spews roughly 10 gallons of water per minute, adding up to between 80 and 140 gallons per wash". Won't be long 'til we are in your driveway!

What does washing your car do to it's finish?

Hand wash jobs are extremely harmful to automobile finishes - Tests conducted by the University of Texas to compare surface disturbances showed that a single home hand wash on an automobile can produce scratches that penetrate as deep as 1/10 of the total thickness of the automobile's paint. These test findings at the University of Texas substantiated tests done over ten years ago by the Technical University of Munich, Germany, in association with Mercedes-Benz, which at that time showed that similar damage was done to an automobile when using detergent, low water volume commonly found in hose nozzles at home, buckets of water, sponges and towels used in the average home car washing.


Specific scientific tests at the University of Texas further showed that hand car washing can produce so many marks on a car's finish that they cannot even be counted. The tests showed that in all hand washing temperatures, surface reflectance readings steadily declined, with some hand washing techniques being considerably worse than others. By contrast, when cars were washed by professional full service car washes, there was virtually no change in the surface reflectance or shine readings.


One bottle of our product will clean, protect, and give your car a long lasting shine an average of 7 times. That's less that $3.25 per cleaning. You couldn't even get your car wet for that at the quarter car wash. And how much does it cost to take your car to a drive through car wash, and what does that do to your car's finish? And then all you have is a cleaned car, not a protected one with a beautiful finish. If you wash your car at home, add up the cost of all of the products and supplies you use. OUR PRODUCTS SAVE YOU MONEY!


Think about it. How long does it take you to get out the hose, a bucket, the wash mitt, soap, etc? Then you wet down your car, wash a section at a time, and rinse as you go. When you're finished washing you then chamois it dry hoping to avoid water spots before you coil up the hose and put everything away. How much time did that take? And, when you're finished all you have is a clean car, not a detailed car. Add to that the time it takes you to wax the car and detail the wheels and tires and you've just spent the better part of a day. Imagine being able to clean and protect your entire vehicle giving it a brilliant shine in 30 minutes or less.

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